Turn single channel into 2–5 independent channels and enable dim-to-warm, CCT or RGBW mix


Add motion sense, daylight harvest and IR control at minimal cost


Implement addressability using ZigBee, DMX, DALI or Bluetooth in any fixture



  • APT controllers add advanced control features to constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) drivers
  • Integrated between the driver and LED light engines, the DC modules are powered directly from the driver
  • Controlling between 2 to 5 output channels, CCT control can be calibrated precisely, independent of intensity
  • Feature options include: CCT control, daylight harvest, motion/occupancy sense and visible light communications (VLC)
  • Interface options for CCT, intensity or channel control include: DMX, 0-10V dim, IR, Zigbee, Bluetooth
  • NEW: Dim-to-Warm Module (APT-DW) offers simple solution to replicate incandescent light

Chart of APT Controller Specifications and Optional Control Features