Arkalumen was established to develop and commercialize LED innovations to enable light fixture manufacturers to more easily transition from legacy lighting technologies to cleaner and more energy-efficient LED based products. Our high-performance LED light engines and intelligent controllers are engineered to address many of the challenges that have so far impeded the wider adoption of this sustainable lighting technology.

Our vision is to provide high quality light for people where they live, work and play, while reducing the energy consumption and negative environmental impacts of traditional lighting.

Our rapidly growing portfolio of patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies includes:

  • ultra smooth light intensity dimming algorithms
  • color temperature mixing light engines and controls
  • integrated ambient light sensing for daylight harvesting
  • intelligent adaptor for standard constant current drivers
  • communication of light fixture parameters via LED modulation
  • flicker-free communication algorithms using LED modulation
  • power-conditioned PWM dimming algorithms
  • high efficient current sensing and control feedback
  • buck converter architecture with PWM dimming
  • high-efficient TRIAC dimmer adaptor
  • dynamic LED path modulation for full-spectrum polychromatic lighting
  • control algorithms and sensor systems for horticulture applications
  • light engines and controls for sky effect applications